"I met women who never let Breast Cancer dullen their spirits. It became my mission to find the source of their strength. For some it was their children, some their faith and for some their pure will to embrace life and not give in to Breast Cancer. I believe the unique stories and personal messages of these Breast Cancer Warriors captured through #PINKDAYTOSHINE, would inspire someone out there who is coping with Breast Cancer, catapulting them out of their difficult moments. Hope is stronger than fear they say.

While celebrating the brave warriors of Breast Cancer, I along with these amazing women work towards raising awareness & spreading hope to those coping with Breast Cancer."

- Nithya Rajkumar, Founder #PINKDAYTOSHINE

"They rose like a Phoenix , never letting breast cancer dullen their spirits.
May these amazing women shine bright ! "-Nithya Rajkumar
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